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We increase road safety.

Thanks to the use of BASCOfield HF and the associated skid resistance agent, the High Friction surfaces from Basler Lacke AG are characterized by their outstanding, slip-resistant and polish-resistant properties. This significantly shortens the braking distance of vehicles, which helps to increase road safety. The material offers versatile applications – from the private sector to road construction.


Technology description

BASCOfield HF is a fast curing solvent-free 2-component cold plastic compound.

based on reactive methacrylate resins, which is peroxide-curing.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Shortening the braking distance

  • Simple and quick to implement

  • Rapid traffic release

  • Up to 40% higher skid resistance compared to a standard coating

  • Cost-effective security instead of expensive structural measures


High friction surfaces can prevent traffic accidents or at least reduce their damage. BASCOfield HF is used wherever increased traffic safety is required – for example, in front of schools, as crosswalks, in tight curves, at intersections or on steep slopes.

BASCOfield HF can be used to defuse dangerous spots on asphalt and concrete. Due to the fast processing, hazardous areas can also be rehabilitated that can only be closed off for a short time.